Get The Secrets That Grew Our Business From 8 Names On A Post-It To A 7-Figure Coaching Business Online
Where Real Coaches Get Real Clients...

Inside, You'll Have Access To...

  • Immediate Downloads of Coaching Business Training: Available to members of The Coach's Plaza community only so that you can streamline, automate, and expand your coaching business
  • Weekly LIVE Ask-Us-Anything Sessions so that you can blast past your business roadblocks faster
  • A Community of Like-Minded Coaches who are serious about taking action and growing their businesses to serve others
  • ​Multiple Added Value Posts per week sharing our latest insights and strategies shared real-time
  • ​Daily Motivational Content to keep you focused and head in the game with your business
  • ​And so much more!!
We created The Coach's Plaza to be a different experience online for coaches... We decided from the start to over-give, over-share, and over-deliver, because frankly, it takes a real business system to grow - not just a silver bullet - and it takes time, mentorship, and real training to do better than average with your business.

This is not for course-creators, affiliate marketers, funnel-hackers, or get-rich-quick-schemers, this is for real coaches to get the support every entrepreneur needs as they build the business of their dreams!

Amanda Kaufman
Founder of The Coach's Plaza
7-Figure High-Performance Coach
Former Employee, Turned Online Entrepreneur
When You Join the free community, you get...
Community-Only Gifts: Battle-tested Templates, Scripts, and other goodies to accelerate results!
Find out the best tools we've tried, and recommend for an online coaching business, to claim back hours of your time, and increase your productivity without increasing your workload!
Join us every week for LIVE coaching that is designed to help you blast past your doubts with tactical strategies and solutions you can swipe and deploy immediately... Just for being a community member... All you have to do is show up, notebook in hand, and commit to action in your business!
Surround yourself with engaged Entrepreneurial coaches
You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with... surround yourself with business peers that will cheer you and encourage you as you go! This is a no spam zone and anti-hustle environment, so come have real conversations with people who care about coaching...
We'll share with you in real time what is helping us win most in our own business, right now, and what we're learning to improve your success and shorten your learning curve... Plus what is working best for our most successful clients and community members
and more...
Getting the right supportive community and coaching makes all the difference...
Join the most energetic team on the Internet, who is committed to your success...
Meet Chris & Amanda - your new Coaches!

After figuring out how to "ditch the niche" and get into massive action as a high-performance and core energy coach, leading to replacing both their corporate incomes, they turned their attention to empowering fellow coaches with business strategies that actually work. 

The Coach's Plaza community meets the coach where they're at, to accelerate their business success on their terms.
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